How to make my husband want me

Ok, I love great sex and you do, too. I have received various emails of people who asked for my help, my support, my tips- many out there would like to have better sex in their marriages, but they fear that their partners will not be supportive, and that they lack experience. This is why I decided to put together the experiences I have made, so you can easily make your sex lives better, or at least give it a shot. Trust me, so many women out there are frustrated like I was, but they would never openly talk about it.

The Sex guide: How to make my husband want me is a how-to book for sex. Rather than telling you some irrelevant stories, the Guide make your husband want you shows you various tips and ideas, and how you can improve your sex lives today . You will live life on your own terms, and your lives will improve – end frustration, the pent up feelings etc. I know this because I’ve had it.

My blog has been read by hundred thousands of people. Although I started blogging a while ago, I was married once before this in a marriage which became sexless. I was lucky and had the help of a good friend, who showed me how to improve my sex life.


The principles in “The Sex guide: How to make my husband want me” are the ones I applied in various relationships, and which I am applying now in my current relationship. By following these principles, you will improve your sex life and relationship, have a more satisfying life, and make your relationship much stronger – I speak from experience here, because I was very unsatisfied, unstable, and not calm as I always felt frustrated.

No more having unsatisfied evenings. This guide helps you to regain fun and enjoyment. Only the internet makes this possible for many, as the emails I received showed me. This is the basic outline:

  • How to build the sex mood in your life
  • How to get your husband to foreplay
  • How to find your sex position
  • Learn the art of orgasming together
  • Sex in relationships: Keep the flame burning
  • How to fire up your sex life in a long relationship

There are lots of different tips for women (and men, this book is also written for men – at least 20 % of the chapters focus on men’s perspective!), whether it be for sex positions, or for relationship questions. Each tip can be applied to your life.

For example, I discuss:

  • How to return your libido
  • How to (massively) improve foreplay (unfortunately a lot of men ignore it,… which is why there are various ideas how men can focus more on it)
  • A basic outline of tantric sex and Kamasutra (just the idea often helps)
  • Fake orgasming and how to find ways with your partner to come together.
  • And, finally, after a while new things wear off, so there is a long chapter only on how to keep to fire burning.


Trust me, you will love it. You will live that sex life you want.

Find out how to live life on your terms by applying the tips in The Sex guide: How to make my husband want me to your life today. Just click on the image or click here.