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What you don’t know about me

ou know that I dream of sliding your cock between my lips. Giving pleasure to my lover is something that transcends arousal, for me – it’s everything. There is nothing more erotic, more satisfying, more unbelievable than giving untold pleasure to your partner and watch the pleasure ride them until everything breaks loose and they… Continue reading What you don’t know about me

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Why I am a cock-tease

I’m not a tease, per se, but I do love teasing. A “tease” is someone who promises one thing but doesn’t deliver. Teasing, to me, just means building anticipation until its reaches a peak, then delivering on your promises. I think it’s a highly underrated sexual technique; it’s really an excellent method that “travels well”… Continue reading Why I am a cock-tease

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Vicky’s personal sex trivia!

Trivia is one way of presenting information about a topic. Let’s face it, trivia doesn’t always touch on the more meaningful aspects of life or culture, but there is something interesting about bite-sized information. It gives us a snapshot, rather than a full video, but it’s fun to read. The details are sometimes best left… Continue reading Vicky’s personal sex trivia!

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Sex positivity

Carol Queen shares some thoughts about being sex positive in this month’s issue of Good Vibes magazine. She says – if I may quote her: If sex-positivity is Utopian–and in a way, it is–we have to be willing to envision the world we want, wherever we are, and start figuring out how to create it: who our… Continue reading Sex positivity