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Why do girls play games?

God, I hate games. Well, now, let me qualify that. I enjoy some games. Ones in which both people know exactly what’s going on. No manipulation, no hiding, no dishonesty. So long as those guidelines apply, I’m all for the fun of games. Which is precisely why this site, The Art of Seduction, rings a little false with… Continue reading Why do girls play games?

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Toys for us girls

I attended my first-ever Fantasia party yesterday at Bast’s place, what fun! If you’ve never attended one of these before, I highly recommend it. The crowd was rowdy and bawdy (just how I like it), the oils and unguents held exciting possibilities, and the toys were of high quality. If I had one disappointment it was that… Continue reading Toys for us girls

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The male G-spot

Another amazing scientific discovery posted this – scientists have discovered the male G spot! According to reports, they found the part of the brain that gets excited the most when a man is sexually aroused by what he sees. Wow. Can I play devil’s advocate for a moment? Of course there’s a part of the brain that gets… Continue reading The male G-spot

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The sexy To-Do list

This week I’ve been keeping an eye on a thread in the Sexilicious forums, all about a “To Do” list. What have you always wanted to try sexually but haven’t yet? Got me thinking about my own personal to-do list – which is HUGE. Mostly due to lack of opportunity, though there are a few in there… Continue reading The sexy To-Do list

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How high is your notch count? And does it matter?

According to an article on Yahoo, researchers may have finally figured out the reason for the discrepancy between the number of sex partners men have in their lifetime and the number of sex partners women have. The new discovery, they say, is due to the fact that in nearly all of these surveys, female prostitutes were… Continue reading How high is your notch count? And does it matter?

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Sexual records

Spent some time today trolling the Sexual Records web site. Interesting stuff. Kind of like the Guiness Book of World Records for sex. status orgasmus According to the site, this means prolonged orgasm. The longest ever recorded? One woman orgasmed for 43 seconds. That’s 25 successive contractions. Talk about a wild ride. I can’t even imagine the… Continue reading Sexual records