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Sexual records

Spent some time today trolling the Sexual Records web site. Interesting stuff. Kind of like the Guiness Book of World Records for sex. status orgasmus According to the site, this means prolonged orgasm. The longest ever recorded? One woman orgasmed for 43 seconds. That’s 25 successive contractions. Talk about a wild ride. I can’t even imagine the… Continue reading Sexual records

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How many calories does semen have?

The official word is out, and it’s heartening to behold. The caloric content of semen is something I’ve joked around with my girlfriends for years. Somewhere along the line I got it in my head that it was around 75 calories. I thought this was A Good Thing. After all, what’s 75 calories in the… Continue reading How many calories does semen have?

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Review: the silver bullet

It’s a very simple message, but important nonetheless. As such, I will spell it out in no uncertain terms. Ladies, if you like having orgasms, buy this toy. I’ve tried a few vibrators – not many, mind you, but enough to get a “feel” for what your traditional penis-shaped vibrator can do. And what it can… Continue reading Review: the silver bullet

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What you don’t know about me

ou know that I dream of sliding your cock between my lips. Giving pleasure to my lover is something that transcends arousal, for me – it’s everything. There is nothing more erotic, more satisfying, more unbelievable than giving untold pleasure to your partner and watch the pleasure ride them until everything breaks loose and they… Continue reading What you don’t know about me

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Why I am a cock-tease

I’m not a tease, per se, but I do love teasing. A “tease” is someone who promises one thing but doesn’t deliver. Teasing, to me, just means building anticipation until its reaches a peak, then delivering on your promises. I think it’s a highly underrated sexual technique; it’s really an excellent method that “travels well”… Continue reading Why I am a cock-tease