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Don’t Listen to Those Who Say “No Sex on the First Date”

No sex on the first date is a trope that’s been around forever. It’s pretty close to saying that you’re saving yourself for marriage. It’s outdated and there’s really no place for it in modern society. It used to make sense, though. Women were pressured into getting married and were taught not to give the man the sex he was after on the first date. It was assumed that it was only sex that he wanted from the woman. It was also assumed that it was only marriage that the woman wanted. Things have changed a lot.

Women can enjoy sex, too

It’s always been completely okay for a woman to enjoy sex. It’s unfortunate that it’s only become socially acceptable in the past few decades. A woman who went around looking for sex was always frowned upon by society. Now it’s just as natural as men looking for sex. That’s one of the biggest reasons that saying no sex on the first date is a relic from the past. If both the man and the woman want to have it, then why shouldn’t they be able to?

People seek out sex all the time

There are plenty of people out there who are actively looking for sex right now. Most of them are probably on the internet. Any look at an adult dating site will show you hundreds of men and women who are looking for a good time with someone. If you’re just getting together for sex and nothing else, does that count as sex on the first date? It doesn’t really matter. The whole purpose of sites like these is to cut through all of the hoops and get right to the good stuff. They wouldn’t work as well as they do if there weren’t people looking for sex on the first date.

People who say it don’t get enough of it

It should also be pointed out that most people who say not to have sex on the first date likely aren’t getting enough good sex. Something has turned them off to the concept of just having a good time with someone. It happens all of the time. They believe everyone else thinks and feels just as they do. That’s why it’s so easy for them to try and tell other people what to do. It’s always best to just avoid people like that. They never really have anything of value to add to any conversation. If someone can absolutely say that you shouldn’t be doing something, there’s no reason to listen to them anymore. If they think they know better than you what you want, shows you that they don’t really know enough.

Hook up as much as you want

Life is short and you should enjoy it as much as you can. Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise. They’re not living your life for you. Go out and hook up with as many people as you want. Have as much sex as you want. As long as it’s safe and you’re not hurting anyone, there’s nothing wrong with it at all. Get yourself on a hook up site and get together with all of the people that you can. Everyone’s looking for the same thing and that’s really what it’s all about. Get together and have whatever kind of fun that you want to have. It’s the best way to go about your life and have fun while you’re living it by your rules and no one else’s.

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