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Bareback is best

Contraception. Maybe it’s because it’s such an awful, long, ugly word. Or maybe it’s because it can bring the whole gamut of human reality into play – life, death, sickness, health. Whatever the reason, people hate to think about contraception. They hate to deal with it. They hate discussing it. And all this hate and… Continue reading Bareback is best

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Can you become a sex shop shopaholic?

Bast and I hit the city’s sex shops today with a vengeance, and saw SO many things we’d like to get. I tried diligently to take it easy on my debit card. I had moderate success with this. It’s just that there’s so much fun stuff out there! It’s hard to keep my hands and… Continue reading Can you become a sex shop shopaholic?

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Do women like assholes?

Here’s the funniest thing: for the most part, I don’t think there’s ANY problem with men. Sure, they’re different from women, kind of like an exotic species of fauna that’s interesting to look at but not always so easy to understand, but I don’t think this is a problem. I refuse to become one of those… Continue reading Do women like assholes?

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Should sex be a taboo?

With the holiday season approaching – “more rapid than eagles”, as it were – you might find yourself hunting for holiday-related fun on the web. fits the bill (don’t they always?) with a few seasonal-themed feature articles this month. Did I mention how much I love this site? Well, okay, I did. But I’m going to say… Continue reading Should sex be a taboo?

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How men can improve their sex skills

Many guys I know swear by Maxim magazine. They love the damn thing, pore over it more closely than the latest Penthouse or Hustler. I figured it was for the hot chicks. And, they agree, I’m right, but there’s more to it than that. They love the articles about sex. And the few I have known (either… Continue reading How men can improve their sex skills

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Porn for girls

Oh, just really, really excellent. Ran across an article from one of the owners (Heather) of ScarletLetters (one in a growing number of female-positive, female-friendly erotic sites) about what women want from their porn and erotica – the thrust of the article is mainly online but mentions offline wants and needs a little as well. You can read it here.… Continue reading Porn for girls