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Can you suck yourself?

I mentioned a while back that about 3% of men (according to an article on The Position‘s web site) can suck their own cock, but I’d never seen it, except in one photo that I swear was manipulated digitally to make it appear so.

Browsing through some of the offerings at Jane’s Guide this morning, I ran across a site called Self-Suck Universe. Features the self-suck stylings of one man who honestly seems to be able to accomplish this… erm… exercise in flexibility, shall we say? Interesting stuff. He’s even got home-made video clips of himself “in the act”.

The site even features a bulletin board where men can discuss the how-to’s of learning to suck your own cock.

Guess this is one arena where having an “outie” rather than an “innie” has distinct advantages, wouldn’t you say, girls? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Can you suck yourself?

  1. I have a guy who calls me every now and then who can. I ask him to do it and I listen its weirdly fascinating lol he also likes the taste of his own cum.


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