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Should sex be a taboo?

With the holiday season approaching – “more rapid than eagles”, as it were – you might find yourself hunting for holiday-related fun on the web. fits the bill (don’t they always?) with a few seasonal-themed feature articles this month. Did I mention how much I love this site? Well, okay, I did. But I’m going to say… Continue reading Should sex be a taboo?

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How men can improve their sex skills

Many guys I know swear by Maxim magazine. They love the damn thing, pore over it more closely than the latest Penthouse or Hustler. I figured it was for the hot chicks. And, they agree, I’m right, but there’s more to it than that. They love the articles about sex. And the few I have known (either… Continue reading How men can improve their sex skills

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Porn for girls

Oh, just really, really excellent. Ran across an article from one of the owners (Heather) of ScarletLetters (one in a growing number of female-positive, female-friendly erotic sites) about what women want from their porn and erotica – the thrust of the article is mainly online but mentions offline wants and needs a little as well. You can read it here.… Continue reading Porn for girls

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Why I am a cock-tease

I’m not a tease, per se, but I do love teasing. A “tease” is someone who promises one thing but doesn’t deliver. Teasing, to me, just means building anticipation until its reaches a peak, then delivering on your promises. I think it’s a highly underrated sexual technique; it’s really an excellent method that “travels well”… Continue reading Why I am a cock-tease