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Lovers, the seduction

I don’t think I’d ever been so nervous about anything in my life. A date. Nothing big. But after two years of celibacy, it seemed monumental. My hands shook a little as they fastened a fine gold chain around my neck. Breathe, I warned myself, just breathe. The doorbell rang. Oh, this wasn’t going to… Continue reading Lovers, the seduction

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The first time I submitted to a man (Part 3)

Naked, kneeling, wrists bound behind my back, I rub my cheek against him. He is so hard. I catch the slightest whiff of scent – that wonderful scent that all men exude – and I begin to salivate. I can feel the wetness between my open thighs as I turn my head and slide my… Continue reading The first time I submitted to a man (Part 3)