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Vicky’s personal sex trivia!

Trivia is one way of presenting information about a topic. Let’s face it, trivia doesn’t always touch on the more meaningful aspects of life or culture, but there is something interesting about bite-sized information. It gives us a snapshot, rather than a full video, but it’s fun to read. The details are sometimes best left to the imagination anyway. ūüôā

I have to admit, I was curious to see what my own personal sex trivia would look like, all spelled out in little blurbs and bits, stats and interesting factoids. And I’ve found I enjoy reading over it, almost as much as I’d enjoy reading someone else’s. It helps me to take everything just a little less seriously.


Without further ado, then, my personal sex trivia (in no particular order):

Age I tried to lose my virginity:¬†20 (that’s a funny story, remind me to tell it some time)

Age I actually lost my virginity: 21

# of guys I’ve dated at the same time:¬†3

# of women I’ve kissed:¬†1

Favourite sex music: Morcheeba

Strangest music I’ve ever listened to during sex:¬†Baroque harpischord solos

Music I’ve always wanted to have sex to:¬†The Matrix soundtrack,¬†Chocolat soundtrack,¬†Korn’s Slept So Long, any kind of reggae

Favourite sexual act: Blowjob. Bar none. Yummmm.

Favourite non-genital part of a man’s anatomy:¬†Hands. Fingers. Palms. Nothing sexier than a talented pair of hands.

Favourite kind of porn: Anything with a bit of kink Рgay porn, (real) lesbian porn, BDSM-flavored porn

Number of sex toys that vibrate: 7

Outrageous public places I’ve done it:¬†A trading floor, a video store

Prefer circumcised or au naturel: Circumcised

Kinkiest thing I’ve experienced:¬†Being strapped naked to a crucifix and put on ‚Äútrial‚ÄĚ for witchcraft

Fantasy I’d never have the guts to act out:¬†Hiring a male hooker

Favourite lube: Eros

Biggest turn-on: Being teased

Sexiest books in my library:¬†Erotique,¬†Guide to Getting it On,¬†Screw the Roses and Send me the Thorns,¬†Aran Ashe’s Lidir series
That’s all I can come up with for now, but I’m sure I’ll add more as I go along. What’s¬†your¬†sexual trivia? Share it below!

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