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How to channel your sexual energy

Lots and lots to talk about today (making up for the past, silent week). First, a bit of frippery that I found hilarious: vibrator cozies. Don’t hide ’em in the drawer, girls! Heading into more serious topics, the US Surgeon General just released his report on sexual health and behavior. It contains good things; encouraging schools to promote… Continue reading How to channel your sexual energy

Better Sex life · Men and Sex · Sex positivity · Sex tips · Vicky

Sex positivity

Carol Queen shares some thoughts about being sex positive in this month’s issue of Good Vibes magazine. She says – if I may quote her: If sex-positivity is Utopian–and in a way, it is–we have to be willing to envision the world we want, wherever we are, and start figuring out how to create it: who our… Continue reading Sex positivity

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Lovers, part one: the gift

Your voice came through the phone at me and touched me like a lover. “I’ve left something special for you in your desk drawer – a little gift.” I never intended to have an affair. It was never my intention at all. But here I was, a married woman, being unfaithful to my husband in… Continue reading Lovers, part one: the gift