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What women like in bed

Ran across a hilarious list online today – Top 10 Bad Arguments for Anal Sex. They’re listed as things to never tell your lover if you’re trying to have anal sex with her. A few of these had me rolling in the aisles, but the #1 reason was super. Come to think of it, would that… Continue reading What women like in bed

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How men can improve their sex skills

Many guys I know swear by Maxim magazine. They love the damn thing, pore over it more closely than the latest Penthouse or Hustler. I figured it was for the hot chicks. And, they agree, I’m right, but there’s more to it than that. They love the articles about sex. And the few I have known (either… Continue reading How men can improve their sex skills

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My first spanking… and some more

After a catastrophic crash of my home computer that left me in disconnected limbo for nearly a week, I’m back in the saddle (okay, okay, desk chair) again. Nothing too in-depth to discuss today, but I did want to share a few random thoughts and finds: 1. porn spam: Does anyone read this stuff? Honestly, how successful… Continue reading My first spanking… and some more

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How to have sex in outer space

Wired reports about a story in a scholarly astronomy journal. The somewhat dry and scholarly title: “The Psychological and Social Effects of Isolation on Earth and in Space”. What all the mumbo jumbo means: it’s about the history of getting it on in space! Damn, I knew there was more to those quiet scientist types than met… Continue reading How to have sex in outer space

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How Do I Get My Partner To Have Sex More Often?

  I am reposting here an older article of a blog I used to follow, which is apparently available (the Noire Blog, for anyone interested). Thank god I had the articles saved. When I started reading about sex and my sex life I realised that I wanted a lot of various information, which is why I liked… Continue reading How Do I Get My Partner To Have Sex More Often?

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3 items to spice up your sex life

This weekend I checked out the Everything To Do With Sex Show with a Bast and some other friends. You gotta love the premise – kind of like a Home and Garden show but for those who love sex! And who doesn’t, really? 🙂 Interesting items: I was really surprised by the proliferation of Wet, a flavoured… Continue reading 3 items to spice up your sex life