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Playing doctor games

Kids are curious about sex. Every kid you know is curious about it. You, as a child, were likely curious about it. I was very curious about it, from a very young age. I remember hearing these words – dick cunt fuck and learning what power they held. Parents would freak when you said it. Classmates would giggle. What… Continue reading Playing doctor games

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Why is chest hair sexy?

Our bodies are all about texture. Women are smooth and soft. We even shave our body hair to make up for nature’s little shortcomings in that department. And men – well, they’re truly wonderful creatures. Such a contrast of smooth and hard, rough and soft. Chest hair is sexy because it looks so delightfully masculine.… Continue reading Why is chest hair sexy?

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How to tease your woman the right way

There is nothing in this world sexier than a man who knows he can make you scream like you’ve never screamed before and tantalizes you with the knowledge. Notice I said knows, not thinks – the chasm between the two makes the difference between full-of-himself asshole and confidently, dangerously sexy man.I love being teased. I love teasing others.… Continue reading How to tease your woman the right way