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Why is chest hair sexy?

Our bodies are all about texture. Women are smooth and soft. We even shave our body hair to make up for nature’s little shortcomings in that department. And men – well, they’re truly wonderful creatures. Such a contrast of smooth and hard, rough and soft.

Chest hair is sexy because it looks so delightfully masculine. Because its crinkly texture feels wonderful against your palms, your lips, your breasts. Because so often it arrows down towards men’s waists, and the exciting things that lie below.I love chest hair for the same reason I love stubble on a man – because it’s a little rough. If I wanted smooth and soft all the time, I’d make love to women instead of men. I find myself continually searching out the areas on a man that are the most textured – their beard, their chest. Not to mention other, more private, areas. 🙂


It also makes an exciting contrast against the smoothness of the back, the neck, and the sensitive tip of a man’s cock. All those textures. Makes me want to bathe in them for hours. Personally, I love what those textures can do against my body. I love waking up the next morning to find small abrasions on my neck and between my breasts, my lips a little sensitive from rubbing against a beard, signs of a delicious evening of lovemaking.Some random thoughts from a randy mind… <grin>

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