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I am a proud slut

I decided to see The Contender this weekend. I’m not usually one much for politics in the movies (or out of them, for that matter) but what the heck, it was up for some Oscars. I nearly ended up turning off the film in the first half-hour because it was so slow, so political, so boooooring. I’m… Continue reading I am a proud slut

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BDSM items for your house

Reading a new article on sexy furniture on got me to thinking about all those toys you can’t bring home in a shopping bag. Is there really a market out there for furniture specifically designed for sex? Time for me to hit the research trail and find out… Here’s what I learned: Yes, Virginia, there is a furniture… Continue reading BDSM items for your house

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The perfect slutty outfit

One of my all-time favourite scenes from Laurell Hamilton’s Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series is in The Killing Dance when Anita and the gang must get dressed in full fetish wear to meet the head of the local werewolf pack (they never explain why, really, in the series, but every big meeting seems to require outrageous dress).… Continue reading The perfect slutty outfit

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10 great items for sexy holidays

Okay, so it’s not exactly frightful (yet) but the holiday season is nearly upon us. Time to start thinking about what naughty little boys and girls want in their stockings this Christmas. Thought I’d get started on my yuletide wish list early this year. An exercise in futility, you might say, since I’m single for… Continue reading 10 great items for sexy holidays

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How to have sex in outer space

Wired reports about a story in a scholarly astronomy journal. The somewhat dry and scholarly title: “The Psychological and Social Effects of Isolation on Earth and in Space”. What all the mumbo jumbo means: it’s about the history of getting it on in space! Damn, I knew there was more to those quiet scientist types than met… Continue reading How to have sex in outer space

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Circling the clit the right way

After all the erotica I’ve read (my shelves are full to bursting with the stuff) you’d think I wouldn’t run across anything that titillated and surprised me. Arouse, sure – these books are wonderful mind candy. But to run across something, particularly of the vanilla variety, that I’d never read, that made my thighs clench over and… Continue reading Circling the clit the right way