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Where are the submissive women?

Most of the people who know me in life assume that if I were to get “into” (their emphasis, not mine) BDSM that I would be a dominant. It’s a reasonable enough thesis – I tend to be fairly (ahem) assertive in my day-to-day life. I’ve been at least an equal if not the stronger… Continue reading Where are the submissive women?

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Should sex be a taboo?

With the holiday season approaching – “more rapid than eagles”, as it were – you might find yourself hunting for holiday-related fun on the web. fits the bill (don’t they always?) with a few seasonal-themed feature articles this month. Did I mention how much I love this site? Well, okay, I did. But I’m going to say… Continue reading Should sex be a taboo?

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10 great items for sexy holidays

Okay, so it’s not exactly frightful (yet) but the holiday season is nearly upon us. Time to start thinking about what naughty little boys and girls want in their stockings this Christmas. Thought I’d get started on my yuletide wish list early this year. An exercise in futility, you might say, since I’m single for… Continue reading 10 great items for sexy holidays

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How to have sex in outer space

Wired reports about a story in a scholarly astronomy journal. The somewhat dry and scholarly title: “The Psychological and Social Effects of Isolation on Earth and in Space”. What all the mumbo jumbo means: it’s about the history of getting it on in space! Damn, I knew there was more to those quiet scientist types than met… Continue reading How to have sex in outer space

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Porn for girls

Oh, just really, really excellent. Ran across an article from one of the owners (Heather) of ScarletLetters (one in a growing number of female-positive, female-friendly erotic sites) about what women want from their porn and erotica – the thrust of the article is mainly online but mentions offline wants and needs a little as well. You can read it here.… Continue reading Porn for girls

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3 items to spice up your sex life

This weekend I checked out the Everything To Do With Sex Show with a Bast and some other friends. You gotta love the premise – kind of like a Home and Garden show but for those who love sex! And who doesn’t, really? 🙂 Interesting items: I was really surprised by the proliferation of Wet, a flavoured… Continue reading 3 items to spice up your sex life