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Mind fucks and strap ons

Went to see a show yesterday called The Vagina Monologues. Interesting, hilarious, fun, moving. I worked up a small review you might want to check out. If you haven’t seen the show, but would like to, or just want to learn more, check out their web site. Also ran across an article called When Will They Start Making Pornos… Continue reading Mind fucks and strap ons

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5 great new sex positions

Missionary style just not cutting it for you anymore? Try Sexual Positions Free. Cute site, I had some fun looking through it. Some of these looked very familiar, some just painful or radically awkward. What positions do you like? For me, I do love doggy style (I think I’ve mentioned this before). It’s a very deep… Continue reading 5 great new sex positions

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3 great resources for sex education

Just when I’m getting frustrated by my ability to find interesting sexuality resources online, Jane’s Guide saves me. I haven’t been to this site in more than a year – maybe closer to two – but I’m glad I decided to stop by again. Really, resources to the web are so much more useful when teamed with… Continue reading 3 great resources for sex education

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Porn for girls

Oh, just really, really excellent. Ran across an article from one of the owners (Heather) of ScarletLetters (one in a growing number of female-positive, female-friendly erotic sites) about what women want from their porn and erotica – the thrust of the article is mainly online but mentions offline wants and needs a little as well. You can read it here.… Continue reading Porn for girls

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Phases in women’s sex lives

There are days when I think I hop over to Salon just for my daily dose of oddity. They’ve got some really good articles – and after all, it’s pretty hard to put out an online-magazine-worthy article on sex every single day. These guys manage, but it means some of their stories are pretty bizarre.… Continue reading Phases in women’s sex lives